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23 novembre 2003

Blog - Corps humain

Michael Feldman fait des analogies "neuronales" et "physiologiques" au sujet de sa vision du futur de l'activité carnetière :
"(...) If the Blogosphere is ever going to offer a viable alternative to the Major Media Monopoly is needs to act like a neural network and a cognitive filter for information which bubbles up from the bottom into collective consciousness.
The Blogosphere is like a circulatory system for information within the body politic. Not all of the conduits can be or should be arteries. Some are capillaries, relatively tiny information streams reaching into every nook and cranny of both the physical and virtual worlds, and funneling streams of data onward and upward, potentially into the very heart and mind of the collective body politic.
Hopefully, someday whenever a newsworthy event or idea happens there will be a blogger nearby. The ideas and information streams which resonate within whichever corner of the blogging universe they origibate in will be picked up and relayed, by nodes with increasingly high rates of connectivity and flow. Information objects which are timely, informative, uniquely positioned, well-written or aesthetically designed will float to the top and eventually come to the attention of a significant proportion of the wired public (...)."

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